Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George
Real Name: George Wagner

Stats: 6' 0" 220 lbs.
Born: Date

It has been argued that Frank Gotch put the sport of Professional Wrestling on the map - no one can argue the fact that it was Gorgeous George Wagner who brought it into the homes of the American public. Even more important than the dramatic effect he had on the rise of Pro Wrestling as an entertainment products, Wagner has been silently credited with establishing network television as a viable entertainment medium.

George Wagner was born in Seward, Nebraska and began his Professional Wrestling career when he was around the age of 14 and competed regionally for over ten years before developing a gimmick which would change the sport. He grew his hair out long and curly then dyed it blond. WeaRing gold plated bobby pins in his hair and long sequened robes, George would enter the Ring escorted by one of his Ring butlers, Thomas Ross or Geoffrey, who would spray the Ring and/or opponents with disinfectant or or perfume, all to the sounds of "Pomp and Circumstance," (the same entrance music used by "Macho Man" Randy Savage today.)

lthough his appearance and entrance were like no other in the sport at that time, it was his role as a villian which launched him into stardom. Standing 5'9" and weighing 215 pounds, George did not intimidate his opponent or members of the crowd, but instead used every method of rulebreaking he could He so infuriated wrestling fans that he often caused riots, including one in which several fans were injured and at least one was stabbed.. At the same time, he was so compelling as an attraction, he was once appeared in a movie called "Alias the Champ." More important to his career, the sport, and the survival of television. Whenever attendance figures at local auditoriums or ratings on television would start to drop, Gorgeous George would be brought in to stir things up on a local or national basis.



Although he will always be known best for his ability to captivate audiences which his theatrics and outlandish "pretty boy" behavior, George reached his peak when he won the American Wrestling Association World Title in 1950. He wrestled for another ten years before being defeated in one of his last matches by a young Bruno Sammartino. Although Wagner died in late 1963, his legacy has survived and grown as wrestlers throughout the years have seen that playing the role of a hated villian can add significantly to the longevity of their careers. There have been many imitators but none compared to Gorgeous George Wagner.


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Gorgeous George



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