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Dom's completely unofficial, uncensored, incomplete, insame not quite monthly names postings are here again. Ths month features ECW again! I got such a response last time and so many changes have been made that I felt I should send out the updated version. And a huge thanks to all who contributed to this list. Any questions/comments/corrections/ additions are weclome at: [email protected] Key: Real name birthdate ring debut alias promotion dates alias promotion dates ... tag team name promotion partner (partenr's real name) tag team name promotion partner (partner's real name) ... [date] - denotes approximate time period, ie [2/94] means that the wrestler in question work for the promotion during the month of February 1994, this could be expanded (sometimes greatly) in either direction. In addition, 2/94-[4/94] would mean that the wrestler worked from February until *at least* April. [2/94] - 4/94 would mean that the wrestler left the promotion in April and the earliest date I could find for him in the promotion was February. [1] - next to a promotion, this denotes that the person was a manager or valet, not an active wrestler. [2] - tv commentator. [3] - denotes that the person acted as commisioner or some other figurehead position for the promotion. ********************************************************************* ECW Real Names List Date: 10/27/94 ********************************************************************* Austin, Chad ?? ?? Chad Austin ECW Benoit, Chris ?/?/67 ?/85 Chris Benoit ECW 8/94 Wild Pegasus New Japan White Pegasus New Japan 8/93 Chris Benoit WCW Pegasus Kid New Japan Chris Benoit Calgary ?/85-?? Daus-Sullivan, Nancy ?? ?/85 Woman ECW [1] Woman NWA [1] Robin Green NWA [1] Fallen Angel CWFl [1] Eskar, Terry ?? ?? Sabu NWA Sabu MTW Sabu ECW Sabu FMW Foley, Michael ?/?/64 ?/85 Cactus Jack SMW 10/94- Cactus Jack NWA 10/94 Cactus Jack WWS 9/94 Cactus Jack ECW 6/94- Cactus Jack WCW ??-9/94 Cactus Jack GWF ?/91 Cactus Jack Tri-State ?/91 Cactus Jack UWF(HA) Cactus Jack Manson WCW Cactus Jack USWA Cactus Jack Memphis Cactus Jack Foley ?? The Cartel GWF w/Makhan Singh, Rip Rogers & Scott Anthony Heyman, Paul Jr. ?/?/65 ?/87 Paul E. Dangerously ECW [1] Paul E. Dangerously WCW [1] Paul E. Dangerously AWA [1] Paul E. Dangerously Memphis [1] Paul E. Dangerously NWF [1] ?/87 Hughes, Curtis ?/?/64 ?/87 Mr. Hughes WWS 9/94 Mr. Hughes ECW Mr. Hughes WWF Mr. Hughes WCW Big Cat WCW Curtis "Big Cat" Hughes AWA York Foundation WCW w/Richard Morton & Terrance Taylor Knighton, Brian ?? ?? Axl Rotten ECW Axl Rotten USWA Axl Rotten GWF Bad Breed ECW Martin, Troy ?/?/64 ?/87 Shane Douglas ECW 8/93- Shane Douglas WCW ??-5/93 Shane Douglas WWF [?/90] Shane Douglas NWA Shane Douglas UWF(BW) Shane Douglas Alabama Troy Orndorff ?? Dynamic Dudes NWA w/Johnny Ace Osborne, Matt ?/?/57 ?/79 Borne Again ECW 8/94- Doink the Clown ECW 8/94 Doink the Clown MTW 5/94-7/94 Doink the Clown WWF ??-11/93 Big Josh WCW Maniac Matt Borne WCCW/USWA 5/86- Maniac Matt Borne WWF ~85 Maniac Matt Borne PNW [1/84-3/84] Maniac Matt Borne Georgia ?/83-?/83 Maniac Matt Borne Mid-South ?/82-?/83 Maniac Matt Borne PNW Rat Pack Mid-South w/Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan Petty, Ted ?/?/53 ?/81 Cheetah Kid WWS 9/94 Flyboy Rocco Rock ECW Cheetah Kid ?? Public Enemy ECW w/Johnny Grunge Poling, Al ?? ?? 911 ECW Al the Sledgehammer NJ Reiher, James 5/18/43 ?/70 Superfly Jimmy Snuka WWS 9/94 Superfly Jimmy Snuka ECW Superfly Jimmy Snuka WWF Superfly Jimmy Snuka AWA Superfly Jimmy Snuka WWF ?/82-?/85 Superfly Jimmy Snuka New Japan Superfly Jimmy Snuka Georgia Superfly Jimmy Snuka NWA ?/78-?? Superfly Jimmy Snuka PNW Great Snuka ?? Big Snuka ?? Lani Kealoha AWA ~72 Jimmy Kealoha ?? Tami Snuka ?? Islanders AWA w/Don Muraco Simon, Dean ?/?/60 ?/82 "Shooter" Dean Malenko ECW 8/94 Dean Malenko New Japan [?/93-10/94] Dean Malenko All-Japan Simmons, Ron 5/15/59 ?/86 Ron Simmons ECW Ron Simmons WCW ??-[7/94] Ron Simmons Florida Doom NWA w/Butch Reed Skaggs, Charles ?? ?/? Too Cold Scorpio ECW 6/94- Too Cold Scorpio MWCW [6/94] Too Cold Scorpio WCW ??-4/94 Flying Scorpio New Japan [6/93-10/94] Black Scorpio ?? Smith, John ?? ?? JT Smith ECW Tazello, Pete ?? ?? Pete Tazello Kitao Tazmaniac ECW Tazmaniac NAWA Tazmaniac IWCCW Tazmaniac TWA The Brotherhood IWCCW w/Tony Rumble, Tony Atlas & The Undertakers Watson, Mike ?? ?? Mikey Whipwreck ECW Williams, John ?? ?? Ian Rotten ECW Ian Rotten USWA Ian Rotten GWF Johnny "Stonewall" Lawler New England Zak Bladz New England Bad Breed ECW ?? ?? ?? Tommy Cairo ECW Tommy Cairo UWFi ?? ?? ?? Tommy Dreamer ECW Tommy Dreamer NAWA Tommy Dreamer IWCCW ?? ?? ?? Johnny Rotten WWS 9/94 Johnny Grunge ECW Johnny Rotten ?? Public Enemy ECW w/Flyboy Rocco Rock (Ted Petty) ?? ?? ?? Jason ECW Jason Knight NWA ??, Donnie ?? ?? Hack Myers ECW Crybaby Donnie Balt ?/91-?/93 ?? ?? ?? Ray Odyssey ECW "Surfer" Ray Odyssey IWCCW ?? ?? ?? Pit Bull #1 WWS 9/94 Pit Bull #1 ECW Pit Bull ECW ?? ?? ?? Pit Bull #2 WWS Pit Bull #2 ECW ?? ?? ?? Rockin Rebel ECW Rockin Rebel TWA ?? ?? ?? Steve Richards ECW ?? ?? ?? Sandman ECW Sandman TWA ?? ?? ?? Tony Stetson ECW

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