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All-Japan Pro Wrestling Real Names List Any questions/comments/corrections or additions are welcome at: [email protected] Key: Real name birthdate ring debut alias promotion dates alias promotion dates ... tag team name promotion partner (partenr's real name) tag team name promotion partner (partner's real name) ... [date] - denotes approximate time period, ie [2/94] means that the wrestler in question work for the promotion during the month of February 1994, this could be expanded (sometimes greatly) in either direction. In addition, 2/94-[4/94] would mean that the wrestler worked from February until *at least* April. [2/94] - 4/94 would mean that the wrestler left the promotion in April and the earliest date I could find for him in the promotion was February. [1] - next to a promotion, this denotes that the person was a manager or valet, not an active wrestler. [2] - heck, I don't remember, but I'm sure I used it somewhere, maybe tv commentator. [3] - denotes that the person acted as commisioner or some other figurehead position for the promotion. ********************************************************************* All-Japan Real Names List Date: 11/16/94 ********************************************************************* Acelinger, Richard 9/16/71 8/20/88 Richard Slinger All-Japan 7/89- Richard Slinger Georgia 8/88-?? Akiyama, Jun 10/09/69 10/16/92 Jun Akiyama All-Japan 10/92- Asako, Satoru 3/2/71 4/4/92 Satoru Asako All-Japan 4/92- Baba, Shohei 1/23/38 4/60 Giant Baba All-Japan 10/72- Giant Baba JWA 4/60-9/72 Beyer, Kurt ?? ?? Kurt Beyer All-Japan [7/93]- Candido, Chris ?? ?? (at age 14?) Chris Candido All-Japan 9/94- Chris Candido SMW ?/93-[8/94] Chris Candido WWA Chris Candido FMW (?) Eigen, Haruka 1/11/46 10/12/66 Haruka Eigen All-Japan ?/87- Haruka Eigen Japan 11/84-?/87 Haruka Eigen New Japan ?/73-9/84 Haruka Eigen JWA ?/66-?/73 Haruka Eigen Tokyo Pro ?/66-?/67 Fuchi, Masanobu 1/24/54 4/74 Masanobu Fuchi All-Japan [?/89]- Funk, Dorrance Jr. 2/19/41 7/63 Dory Funk Jr. ECW 6/94-7/94 Dory Funk Jr. SMW [5/94]-[8/94] "Hoss" Funk WWF Dory Funk Jr. WWC Masked Outlaw NWA Dory Funk Jr. NWA [6/83]-3/84 Dory Funk Jr. St. Louis [1/84] Dory Funk Jr. CWFl Dory Funk Jr. All-Japan ?/72-[10/94] The Panhandler ?? The Red Raider ?? The Funk Brothers All-Japan w/Terry Funk Furnas, Doug ?/?/61 ?/86 Doug Furnas SMW Doug Furnas Mexico Doug Furnas All-Japan [3/92]- Doug Furnas WWC Doug Furnas NWA Doug Furnas Knoxville Can-Am Express Mexico w/Dan Kroffat Can-Am Express All-Japan w/Dan Kroffat Hansen, John Stanley ?/?/49 11/74 Stan "The Lariet" Hansen WCW 90 Stan "The Lariet" Hansen AWA Stan "The Lariet" Hansen NWA Stan Hansen Memphis Stan "The Lariet" Hansen Georgia [1/84] Stan Hansen SW [7/83] Stan Hansen Georgia [1/82] Stan Hansen All-Japan 12/81- Stan Hansen New Japan [2/80-4/81] Stan Hansen WWF [4/76-6/76] Hines, George ?/?/68 ?/88 The Eagle All-Japan 12/92- Jackie Fulton All-Japan [?/92] Jackie Fulton SMW Jackie Fulton NWA Fantastics SMW w/Bobby Fulton Fantastics NWA w/Bobby Fulton Inoue, Masao 3/6/70 4/4/91 Masao Inoue All-Japan 4/91- Inoue, Sueo 4/12/49 7/67 Mighty Inoue All-Japan ?/81- Mighty Inoue IWE 7/67-?/81 Marte Inoue All-Japan ?/83 Japanese High Flyers All-Japan w/Ashura Hara Izumida, Ryuma 10/28/65 5/25/92 Ryuma Izumida All-Japan 5/92- Kawada, Toshiaki 12/08/63 10/4/82 Toshiaki Kawada All-Japan 10/82- Footloose All-Japan w/Samson Fuyuki Kikuchi, Tsuyoshi 11/21/64 2/26/88 Tsuyoshi Kikuchi All-Japan 2/88- Kimura, Masao 6/30/41 4/2/65 Rusher Kimura All-Japan 11/84- Crusher Kimura Calgary ??-12/83 Mr. Sun LA ?/82 Rusher Kimura New Japan ?/81-?/84 Rusher Kimura IWE ?/67-?/81 Mr. Toyo ?? Masao Kimura Tokyo Pro ?/66-?/67 Masao Kimura JWA 4/65-?/66 International Blood Army All-Japan w/Ashura Hara & Goro Tsurumi Kobashi, Kenta 3/27/67 2/26/88 Kenta Kobashi All-Japan 2/88- Lafond, Phil ?/?/60 (?/?/63) ?/83 Dan Kroffat UWA Dan Kroffat All-Japan [3/92]- Dan Kroffat WWC Dan Kroffat Montreal Phil Lafleur Calgary Can-Am Connection All-Japan w/Doug Furnas Laurinidas, John 7/31/65 ?/87 Johnny Ace AJ [?/92]- Johnny Ace NWA Johnny Ace CWFl Dynamic Dudes NWA w/Shane Douglas Misawa, Mitsuharu 6/18/62 8/21/81 Mitsuharu Misawa All-Japan ?/90- Tiger Mask All-Japan 8/84-?/90 Kamikaze Misawa Mexico ?/83-?/84 Mitsuharu Misawa All-Japan ?/81-?/83 Momota, Mitsuo 9/21/48 11/17/70 Mitsuo Momota All-Japan 10/72- Mitsuo Momota JWA 11/70-?/72 Nord, John 10/18/59 1/85 John Nord All-Japan 1/94- Berzerker WWF 4/91-?/93 Viking WWF ?/91-04/91 Yukon John Nord AWA Big Yukon AWA Nord The Barbarian WCCW Nord The Barbarian AWA The Barbarian Mid-South [9/85] Big John Nord AWA 1/85-?? Lumberjacks AWA w/Scott Norton Ogawa, Yoshinari 11/2/66 9/3/85 Yoshinari Ogawa All-Japan [3/92]- Omori, Takao 10/16/69 10/16/92 Takao Omori All-Japan 10/92- Peacock, Ben ?/?/64 (?/?/60) ?/87 Giant Kamala II All-Japan [?/92]- Botswana Beast WCCW Romero, Chris ?/?/67 ?/86 Chris Youngblood All-Japan ?/92- Brave Sky GWF Chris Youngblood NWA Chris Youngblood WWC Chris Youngblood WCCW Renegade Warriors GWF w/Nikona (Mark Romero) Renegade Warriors NWA w/Mark Youngblood (Mark Romero) Romero, Mark 7/21/63 ?/81 Mark Youngblood All-Japan ?/92- Nikona GWF Mark Youngblood NWA Mark Youngblood WWC Mark Youngblood WCCW Mark Youngblood CWFl Mark Youngblood KC [2/84] Mark Youngblood NWA [1/84-3/84] Mark Romero KC Renegade Warriors GWF w/Brave Sky (Chris Romero) Renegade Warriors NWA w/Chris Youngblood (Chris Romero) Shreeve, Larry 11/2/36 ?/59 (?/57) Abdullah the Butcher All-Japan [9/90]- Abdullah the Butcher WCW Abdullah the Butcher NWA Abdullah the Butcher WCCW [?/86] Abdullah the Butcher NWA Abdullah the Butcher SW 3/84 Abdullah the Butcher Georgia [6/83] Abdullah the Butcher New Japan [1/84]-?/85 Abdullah the Butcher Detroit [2/75-4/75] Abdullah the Butcher Japan ?/70-?? Abdullah the Butcher WWC Abdullah the Butcher ?? ?/67-?? Larry Shreeve ?? ?/59-?? Smith, John 8/7/65 ?/85 or John Hindley Johnny Smith All-Japan [?/92]- Johnny Smith Calgary British Bruisers All-Japan w/Dynamite Kid British Bruisers Calgary w/Dynamite Kid Spivey, Dan ?/?/56 ?/83 "Dangerous" Dan Spivey WCW Dan Spivey All-Japan [?/92]- "Dangerous" Dan Spivey NWA Dan Spivey CWFl "Golden Boy" Dan Spivey WWF Starship Eagle NWA [9/85] Starship Eagle KC Skyscrapers NWA w/Mean Mark Callous (Mark Calaway) Skyscrapers NWA w/Sid Vicious (Sid Eudy) US Express WWF w/Mike Rotundo American Starship KC w/Coyote (Scott Hall) Szatkowski, Rob ?? ?? Rob Van Dam All-Japan Robbie V WCW [6/93] Robbie Van Damme IWF Taue, Akira 5/8/61 1/2/88 Akira Taue All-Japan 1/88- Tsuruta, Tomomi 3/25/51 3/24/73 Jumbo Tsuruta All-Japan Tomomi Tsuruta All-Japan 3/73-?? Williams, Steve ?/?/60 ?/82 "Dr. Death" Steve Williams WCW Steve Williams UWF(HA) Steve Williams All-Japan [3/92]- "Dr. Death" Steve Williams NWA ?/87-?? "Dr. Death" Steve Williams Mid-South [1/84-3/87] Steve Williams Mid-South ?/82-?/82 MVC All-Japan w/Terry Gordy Windham, Kendell ?/?/67 ?/85 Kendell Windham All-Japan ?/92-[7/93] Kendell Windham PWFl Kendell Windham NWA Kendell Windham CWFl [9/85] Texas Broncos PWFl w/Dustin Rhodes Four Horsemen NWA w/Ric Flair, Barry Windham & Butch Reed Zenk, Tom ?/?/60 ?/84 Tom Zenk All-Japan [10/94] Dos Hombres II WCW 93/05/23 Z-Man WCW Tom Zenk AWA Tom Zenk WWF Tom Zenk Montreal Tom Zenk PNW Tom Zenk AWA Dos Hombres WCW w/Dos Hombres I (Ricky Steamboat) Can-Am Connection WWF w/Rick Martel ?? ?? ?? The Falcon All-Japan [10/94] ?? ?? ?? Tamon Honda All-Japan [4/94]- ?? ?? ?? Kentaro Shiga All-Japan [4/94]-

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