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Stars of Today  

Abbott, Tank Hyatt, Missy
Angle, Kurt Iaekeiha, Prince
Asya Jericho, Chris
Austin, Steve Jones, Judge Jeff
Bagwell, Buff Konnan
Bass, Nicole Lane, Lenny
Benoit, Chris Lawler, Jerry
Blue Meanie LeRoux, Lash
British Bulldog Lodi
Brown, D-Lo Madusa
Callis, Don Mahoney, Balls
Candido, Chris Maivia, Rocky
Chastity Mero, Rena
Chetti, Chris Moore, Shannon
Christian Nash, Kevin
Credible, Justin Page, Diamond Dallas
Corino, Steve Pitbulls
Dangerously, Lou E. Reckless Youth
Dawn Marie Richards, Stevie
Doring, Danny Road Warriors
Douglas, Shane Rotten, Axl
Dreamer, Tommy Saturn, Perry
Dumas, Amy Savage, Randy "Macho Man"
Edge Severn, Dan "The Beast"
Foley, Mick Steiner, Scott
Francine Storm, Lance
Gertner, Joel Stratus, Trish
Godfather Sytch, Tammy
Goldberg Tatanka
Guerrero, Eddy Tazz
Gunn, Billy Ultimate Warrior
Hardy Boyz Undertaker
Hart, Bret Vampiro
Heenan, Bobby "The Brain" Van Dam, Rob
Helms, Shane Wanalaya, Kimona
Helmsley, Hunter Hearst Wilson, Torrie
Holly, Crash Zenk, Tom

Stars of Yesterday  

Albright, Gary
Anderson, Arn
Arcidi, Ted
Atlas, Tony
Bob Backlund Patera, Ken
Banner, Penny Race, Harley
Blair, B. Brian
Bundy, King Kong
DiBiase, Ted
Dusek, Frank
Dynamite Kid
Funk, Jr, Dory
Graham, Billy Ventura, Jesse
Inoki, Antonio
Jones, Paul Von Erich Family

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